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About AITC

The Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) program is guided by a volunteer committee from the Clinton County Farm Bureau and Soil & Water Conservation District.  The AITC program was formed to tell students why agriculture and conservation are important to us all.  While this effort targets all students in the county, there is a special emphasis on 1st and 4th grades in Clinton County.  You can support the AITC program by contributing to the Clinton County Farm Bureau Foundation.


Agriculture impacts every facet of human life. We are here to provide agriculture education opportunities and resources to the teachers, parents, and the community.


Looking for ways to engage your class with agriculture? Clinton County Farm Bureau is happy to help point you in the right direction. Keep in mind, many of these lessons can be used to teach science, literature, and even math!

Clinton County Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom is a part of the Illinois Ag in the Classroom program. For more resources, visit

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Ag Mags

The Illinois Farm Bureau Ag Mags are 4-page, colorful agricultural magazines for kids. They contain information about agriculture, bright pictures, classroom activities, and agricultural careers.   Ag Mags are FREE and can be picked up from the Farm Bureau office or delivered to schools in Clinton County by our AITC Coordinator with advance notice.  Contact Clinton County Farm Bureau to receive copies for your classroom at (618) 526-7235 or [email protected].

Click on a title to download a particular Ag Mag. We suggest that teachers reuse Ag Mags from year to year.


E-learning Online

Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom (IAITC) and the state agriculture education system are offering online lessons and resources to help educators, parents, and students, especially while schools statewide are closed.

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If you could use materials to supplement an Ag lesson, or inspire one, please use the contact form below.

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Teacher Grants

Each year, the Clinton County Farm Bureau Foundation offers teachers in Clinton County classroom grants of up to $350 for activities relating to agriculture.  These grants can be used to fund any project promoting agriculture awareness.  Project funds can be requested for resources, supplies, books, field trips, special projects, and more as long as the applicant can relate their activity back to agriculture.

Projects should FOCUS on integrating agriculture into a variety of curriculum areas.  Teachers are encouraged to be creative in developing a valuable agricultural experience for students.  Applications outlining the project, goals, objectives, and desired outcomes must be received at the Clinton County Farm Bureau office by October 31, 2023. 

Teachers selected for project funding will receive an agreement to be signed and returned, with a final report and evaluation due back by May 31, 2024.  Contact the Farm Bureau office at (618) 526-7235 or [email protected] for more information.

To-date, the Foundation has awarded over $75,000 in classroom grants.

Available late summer!


Explore apple production, history, growth, and varieties. Strong focus on Social Sciences standards.


A look at nutritional value, cuts of beef, products, breeds, and the stomachs of ruminant animals. Focus on Physical Development and Health standards.


A look at jobs in agriculture, both farming and non-farming, and projected employment opportunities. Strong Social Science correlation.


A look at Cooperatives and their member-owner benefits. Combining buying power and strength in numbers to save money and return profits to members.


A look at corn, diversity of products, and a strong emphasis on corn as a renewable resource for use in ethanol and corn plastic.


A look at cotton, one of the most important crops grown in the United States.

Cultures of Agriculture

Coming Soon!


Follow the route of dairy from the farm to the store to your home to your body. Emphasis on Nutrition.

Farm Bites

Check out these brand new, one-page print resources on a variety of specialty agriculture topics.

Farmers Markets

A look at farmers markets, where farmers sell products from their farms directly to consumers.


Have you ever wondered why horses wear shoes or what horsepower means? This newly created Ag Mag answers these questions and many more.


Explore the science of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants and the many career options in this diverse field.

Illinois Agriculture

Illinois farmers are proud to carry out the legacy of a state with deep roots in the agriculture industry.

Illinois History

From founding fathers to state symbols, explore the history of Illinois and its amazing people and inventions.

Invasive Species

Take a look at invasive species found in Illinois. Invasive species can cause the loss of native species, loss of natural biodiversity and reduction in high quality wildlife habitats.


Focuses on livestock production which is an important part of Illinois agriculture.


Focuses on consumption agriculture and uses the food guide pyramid and exercise to optimize nutrition and fitness. Emphasis on Physical Development and Health.


Explains the connection to one of America's favorite food to the farm. From crust to toppings, explore how the pizza ingredients gets from the farm to you.


What are pollinators and how can we help them? Delve into this important topic to learn how pollinators are a critical link in our food system.


A look at popcorn. Popcorn has a rich history as one of America’s favorite snacks and is even named Illinois’ State Snack food.


Care of livestock as well as a strong emphasis on the environmental aspect of pork production.


Explore the wonder of embryonic development and the structure and function of an egg and dive into the age-old question which came first...the chicken or the egg?


Language, Science, and Social Science standards are addressed through genetics, blossom dissection, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.

Renewable Energy

Focuses on all aspects of energy including the history of it and tips for going green.


Showcases how the seasons of Illinois are perfect for not only corn and soybeans but many specialty crops as well.


A look at the history of domesticated sheep, meat cuts, products. breeds, and the steps in woolen manufacturing.


Erosion, soil profiles, and usable land for food production are examined through science-based standards (newly updated).


The versatile soybean is examined with an emphasis on Nutrition, Economics, and Geography. Math and Science standards are also addressed in this issue.

Specialty Animals

A look at specialty livestock that are less common than the typical animals found in Illinois.

Specialty Crop

Illinois is known for its corn and soybean production but learn all about the many specialty crops grown in Illinois.


Sustainability is the idea that we can use our natural resources for the things we need and want in a responsible way so that they will also be available for future generations to use.


Environmental information on trees, focusing on how to care for trees, why they are important, and careers involved with trees.


Focuses on different forms of Agriculture in urban areas including rooftop gardens, farmers' markets, and food distribution.


The water cycle, water transportation, water pollution, and water conservation are addressed through IL standards.


Illinois produces soft red winter wheat, which is used to produce cereals, cakes, glues, pastes, and more. Learn about this grass plant from drilling to milling.


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