Mission Statement
“To encourage, promote, and fund agricultural education and research, leadership development, and student scholarships.”

The Clinton County Farm Bureau Foundation was formed in 2001 so members and local communities could have a means to provide money to promote agricultural education and careers.  The Foundation is the property of Clinton County Farm Bureau members and governed by a local Board of Directors.


Primary activities of the Foundation include:

For over 20 years the Foundation has served as an avenue for students to receive scholarships to continue their education.  To date, the Foundation has awarded $500,300 in scholarships to 546 different students.  In addition, the Clinton CFB Foundation has awarded $37,000 in Veterinarian scholarships and $83,652 in classroom grants to Clinton County teachers.


The Foundation also facilitates the Ag in the Classroom (AITC) program for the County Farm Bureau.  Every 1st– 8th grade student in Clinton County is given at least one lesson each year by AITC Coordinator Susan Kleiboeker.

Contact the Clinton County Farm Bureau office or go to to join, renew, or manage your membership.
Clinton County Farm Bureau



The objective of our Foundation’s Scholarship program is to provide scholarships to college students who major in agriculture, agri-business, or an ag-related course of study. The number and dollar amount of scholarships awarded will vary depending upon the number of applications received and availability of funds, but 23 students received a total of $31,500 in 2024.

Scholarship applications are generally available by January 1st each year and have a March 15th deadline. Scholarship recipients must be members, or dependents of Farm Bureau members (in good standing for at least 1 year), going into the study of agriculture or a related field.


  • Available January 1, 2025
  • March 15, 2025 deadline

2024 Scholarship Recipients

Cole Bruggemann

Lauren Wolter

Zachary Kampwerth

Kylee Wesselmann


Colby Litteken

Olivia Rainey

Courtney Davison

Brock Heimann

Connor Wademan

Michael Brinkmann

Bradley Huelsmann

Mitchell Mannhard

Alayna Benhoff

Marie Krausz
Memorial Scholarship

Tyler Horstmann

Maggie Schrage

Abigail Crosby

Madyson Diekemper

McKenzie Diekemper

Payton Golding 

Kara Guetersloh

Alyssa Lurkins


Joshua Vonder Haar

Kalie Wellen


Veterinarian Scholarship Program

The objective of the Clinton County Farm Bureau Foundation’s Veterinary Scholarship program is to provide scholarships to veterinary students who are specializing in the field of large animals and have completed their first year of veterinary school.

The Foundation offers a maximum of $5,000 per scholarship, with $10,000 total awarded per year. Applicants can receive a scholarship for their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years of veterinary school.

To-date, the Foundation has awarded $32,000 in Veterinary Scholarships.

2023 Winner

Ashley Tremain


Teacher Grants

Each year, the Clinton County Farm Bureau Foundation offers teachers in Clinton County classroom grants of up to $350 for activities relating to agriculture.  These grants can be used to fund any project promoting agriculture awareness.  Project funds can be requested for resources, supplies, books, field trips, special projects, and more as long as the applicant can relate their activity back to agriculture.


Projects should FOCUS on integrating agriculture into a variety of curriculum areas.  Teachers are encouraged to be creative in developing a valuable agricultural experience for students.  Applications outlining the project, goals, objectives, and desired outcomes must be received at the Clinton County Farm Bureau office by October 31, 2024.  


Teachers selected for project funding will receive an agreement to be signed and returned, with a final report and evaluation due back by May 31, 2024.  Contact the Farm Bureau office at (618) 526-7235 or [email protected] for more information.


To-date, the Foundation has awarded over $83,500 in classroom grants.

*October 31, 2024 deadline

Charitable Giving

Member support of the Foundation is VITAL and all contributions to the Clinton County Farm Bureau Foundation are tax-deductible!

There are many ways to help support the future of Clinton County agriculture.  Donations can be directed to support our Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) program, fund local scholarships, establish new scholarships, donate in the memory of a loved one, establish farm/estate legacy gifts, and more.

To discuss your giving options, for more flexible donation amounts, or to discuss establishing a new scholarship, please call the Clinton CFB Foundation at (618) 526-7235.  Online donations can also be accepted anytime with your member account through the IFB Member Center at

As a 501(c)(3) charity, all donations to the Clinton County Farm Bureau Foundation are tax-deductible per IRS guidelines.  Please note that no goods or services are exchanged for your donations.

Special Thanks

The Clinton County Farm Bureau sends a special thanks to the Dorothy and Wilhemine Ratermann Trust which has donated almost $270,000 to our Foundation in support of scholarships over the past 16 years. 

Another special thanks to the Herman and Cecilia Wiedle Family for their donation of 150 acres to the IAA Foundation which is providing additional scholarships for Clinton County Farm Bureau students through their annual scholarship program. 

Click here for a brief tribute book to Herman & Cecilia Wiedle: 

IAA Foundation

As the charitable arm of the Illinois Farm Bureau, the IAA Foundation proudly supports farm families and the future of agriculture through education. With the help of generous contributors, the IAA Foundation makes a lasting impact through scholarships, grants, and key programs like Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom.