First Grade Ag in the Classroom Activities

First Grade Ag in the Classroom Activities

First-grade students across Clinton County are provided with one 30-minute lesson each month by the Farm Bureau’s Ag in the Classroom (AITC) program. 

First graders from Wesclin recently learned how to grow pumpkins for their AITC lesson. Students read a book called “Pumpkin Jack”.  Afterward, students illustrate a booklet about how bees are important in the production of pumpkins.  This is a great way to introduce the concept of pollination and the importance of bees in the production of food.

In November, the AITC lesson was a favorite of all first-grade students… PIZZA!  The kids learn about the production of wheat, tomatoes, and cheese.  Then they are introduced to many of the various toppings used for Pizza.  Afterward, the kids get to make their own pizza with stickers and a paper plate.

Bartelso first graders making their own pizza with stickers and a paper plate as part of an AITC lesson by Coordinator Susan Kleiboeker.

How could you not talk about Christmas Trees in the month of December for the AITC lesson?  Mrs. Kleiboeker reads the book, ‘Christmas Tree Farm’ to the kids.  This book is an excellent lesson in how Christmas Trees are grown.  Afterward, each first grader gets to make their own little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree to take home.

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